Neck And Shoulder Stiffness

neck and shoulder stiffness

Whiplash injury; as road traffic increases whiplash injuries have become increasingly common. It usually happens when a vehicle is hit from behind. The sudden shock moves the occupant’s body forward but the head tends to stay still, so that the neck is violently flexed backward.

Neck tension; probably the most common cause of neck pain is tension. The pain may radiate to the shoulder, though seldom as far down as the hand, and there is no weakness or damage to the hand muscles.

Postural neck pain; as in other region of the spine, pain can arise as a result of poor posture. Common causes here include constantly keeping the head thrust forward-in front of a computer for example- and clamping the phone between the shoulder and neck.
Driving related problems; driving for long periods, especially on freeways, keeps you more or less motionless.

Once the muscle is in a spasm and its fibres have shortened, it has lost its ability to stretch. The muscle fibres will start to compress blood vessels, entrap nerves, slower blood circulation, and compress on joints or cervical vertebrae.

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