morning-exercise-3The treatments are based on focusing on your well-being considering both emotional and physical healt. If the emotional stress is big enough and long enough it could transform biological stress which becomes an illness.

Sometimes it isn’t clear where the issue is coming from when we only look at it from the traditional perspective. 

Nothing in the body happens without a good reason. The body is a beautiful complex system and when something goes “wrong” it is often because it is trying to protect us.

Have you ever wondered why just after you recover from one illness you find yourself falling into another? That is because pills and pain killers are only temporary solutions. They don’t treat the root of the problem. The placebo effect points to the importance of perception and the mind’s role in physical health.

Mudra2I believe every person is different and we all need different therapy to heal. If my treatment is not for you, I can refer you to other professionals.

What can you expect when you first visit the clinic?
You get a consultation form to fill out containing all the important information which your therapist needs to make your treatment plan. After that, we discuss your health concerns and if it is safe to proceed we can begin your treatment. Duration is between 45-60 min.


Techniques used in treatments include; Myofascial release, Deactivation of trigger points, Muscle Energy Technique, Soft Tissue Release, Positional Release, Sport Massage

Your Therapist

Emi NMT graduated at National Training Centre Ireland’s leading educator in health and fitness and bodywork therapy is partner of University of Chester. Emi is a member of the Association of Neuromuscular Therapists. Emi gained her holistic experience from a five star spa on the sea. She also worked for Chiropractic clinics where she treated her patient with a wide range of conditions and injury rehabilitations. Emi has been awarded internationally recognised qualification in Neuromuscular Therapy, Physical therapy and Orthopaedic Sport Massage. Insurance issued by Balens U.K.

Emi Jenei

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The treatments are covered by Laya, GloHealth, Aviva and St. Paul’s Garda Medical insurance providers.

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If you would like to get in contact with me don’t hesitate to call 087 987 0086 or request a callback.